Welcome to The Curacao Space Experience Foundation

Welcome to The Curacao Space Experience Foundation

Our foundation is an independent non-profit organization founded in Curaçao, Dutch Caribbean Island.             Taking into consideration that the American-Dutch initiative of XCOR Aerospace Inc. of the desirability to develop a spaceport at the International Airport of Curaçao to bring tourist astronauts into space from this airport, the foundation is founded to create early awareness under the local, regional and international public and to secure local involvement in this vast nascent space industry.

We hope to create a successful network with local and international stakeholders and be of facilitating, promoting and intermediate role for the local careerists in the (Aero) space Industry.

We also hope to be able to make a dream come true for those who want to make a suborbital spaceflight from Curaçao as a tourist astronaut and those who wants to become a professional pilot, Engineer or astronaut, while unable to pay for the round-trip or education.

We hope to get all support necessary from the local government, commerce, organizations and individuals to be able to realize our mission.

Kind salute,

Board of members

Dr. Yves C.J. Schoop             Jonathan S. Ocalia                              Lionel E. Hanst

Chairman                                Secretary                                              Treasurer

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